Hawaiʻi Review – Call for Submissions 

Open until July 5th, 2019

Hawaiʻi Review – Call for Submissions

Poetry, Short Stories, Essays, Creative Nonfiction, Performance Multi-Media

As UH Mānoa’s Literary Journal, we are striving to fulfill the mission of a “Hawaiian Place of Learning” by curating compelling works by Kanaka Maoli, by local Hawaiʻi-based writers engaging Hawaiian themes, and by international writers expanding conversations that are particularly relevant to our unique islands.

Our Fall 2019 journal entitled “Voices For the Mauna” seeks to express our deep connections to Mauna a Wākea and Haleakalā.

We are looking for pieces that:

- share personal stories about experiences with the mauna

- bring critical analysis of development, tourism, military, telescopes

- speak to the effects of TMT and DKIST on the personal, political, community, etc. levels

- highlight our interdependence, spiritual/cultural foundations, ecological values

- poetically explore our genealogies, sacred narratives, intimate connections

- express why our mauna are so important (to Kanaka, allies, other Indigenous movements)

- Kapu Aloha, kiaʻi, kuleana, and other lessons from the mauna

- are written in English and/or ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi.

Submissions are welcome from undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and community members. We will publish a high quality print version as well as an expanded on-line version with additional submissions including performative and multi-media arts.Voices for the Mauna 

Ian MacMillan Residency

  • 1 artist / writer’s residency for a UH Mānoa student.
  • This residency is associated with a $500 stipend.
  • One student will have the opportunity to develop a creative work based on spending a minimum of 10 hours doing research of their choice in the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections at Hamilton Library.
  • One student will have the opportunity to do research in the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections, and to use this research as inspiration for a poem series, short story, art work, or performance work. Artists in all genres of writing and all audiovisual and performance media are eligible.

To Apply:

  • Short description: In the submittable box provided, include a one paragraph description of your work and the kind of research you might like to undertake in the Hawaiian and Pacific Collections.
  • Please provide your UH ID number. 
  • Check the boxes next to the residencies you are applying for. 
  • Art / Writing Sample:

         Writers: Send up to 7 pages of poetry, short fiction, short nonfiction, or hybrid work.          Visual Artists: Send up to 7 images.          Audiovisual Artists: Send a/v files up to 7 minutes.          Performance Artists: Send a/v files up to 7 minutes.
Query us if you have other types of work and need guidelines.

When reading certain poems the words seem to jump off the page! This category does exactly that...and more! We are looking for energetic and moving performers who talk about their lives, struggles, heartache, culture, and observations...  

Please include a PDF & an MP4 when you submit!
Hawaiʻi Review is looking to publish educational materials (lesson plans, resources, essays by educators) related to anti-racist, decolonial, and social justice pedagogy and teaching.

We would also like to have educational materials promoting indigenous writing and arts, and materials promoting writing and arts by people of color.

This call is open to any genre of writing and any media - educational videos or audiovisual material, lesson plans, creative or critical essays, other types of writing.

Audiovisual material and writing over 3000 words will be considered for our website and our e-chapbook series, works under 3000 words will be considered for the print issue as well. There may be some flexibility on publishing longer works in print, depending on space.
Hawaiʻi Review