Hawaiʻi Review 88 – Call for Submissions 

Open September 1 - December 1, 2017 

We are seeking new work in all genres and media: 

  • Prose: Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Lyric Essay 
  • Poetry 
  • Theater & Drama 
  • Visual & Performing Arts 
  • Hybrid & Multimedia Work 
  • Translation, Creative Translation, Multilingual Work
  • Educational Materials

Editor Interests:
  • Lynley: Creative/Translation, Hawaiʻi & Pacific, Multilingual / Multimedia / Multigenre Writing & Arts, Educational Materials, Queer Writing, Disability Writing
  • Sashily: Poetry, Short Stories, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Comic/Manga/Anime, Spoken Word/Performance
  • Marley: Poetry, Autobiography, Music, Dance, Visual Arts
  • Tina: Water Is Life, Science Fiction, Creative Science Writing, Indigenous Writing & Arts, Indigenous Science FIction & TEK
Ends on December 9, 2017
Give me writing that pushes the boundaries of normative relationships. Give me erotic, raunchy, sweet, sensual, heartbreaking, and empowering work. I want to feel uncomfortable and a little turned on. I am looking for polished work that liberates QUEER individuals, breaks conventional expectations, and takes complete ownership of LGBTQA+ sexuality. While all mediums/multi-mediums are welcome, I am looking for POETRY, CNF, and VISUAL ARTS (can be 2D or photographs of 3D art). 
Culture is an important part of who we are, where we are going, and how we influence those soaking in a culture not quite their own. Sometimes we hit the mark through our poetry and that can resonate a better understanding of our differences...and sometimes we can even celebrate the similarities. 

So, this is a general call to all of my Hispanics and Latinos to share some of their works in order to showcase that the great divide exists but every understanding is another nail, another plank completing the bridge which will connect us all. 

Up to 3 poems on one PDF or Word Document. Type all the Titles in the box provided. No previously published poems may be submitted.
When reading certain poems the words seem to jump off the page! This category does exactly that...and more! We are looking for energetic and moving performers who talk about their lives, struggles, heartache, culture, and observations...  

Please include a PDF & an MP4 when you submit!
Hawaiʻi Review is looking to publish educational materials (lesson plans, resources, essays by educators) related to anti-racist, decolonial, and social justice pedagogy and teaching.

We would also like to have educational materials promoting indigenous writing and arts, and materials promoting writing and arts by people of color.

This call is open to any genre of writing and any media - educational videos or audiovisual material, lesson plans, creative or critical essays, other types of writing.

Audiovisual material and writing over 3000 words will be considered for our website and our e-chapbook series, works under 3000 words will be considered for the print issue as well. There may be some flexibility on publishing longer works in print, depending on space.